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Unlike commercial and residential painting, which aims to provide protection and a pleasing finish to all paintable surfaces, industrial painting focuses on surface preparation and the application of protective coatings, usually in the form of high build 2 pack products, to structural steel surfaces, with the goal of rust removal and future protection through high build encapsulation.

The tools used are not the same as those used in professional painting; the majority of hand tools are heavy-duty and supported by compressors.

Industrial Painting prevents corrosion.

Mechanical components might begin to break down in just a few months if not properly protected due to the rigorous nature of industrial processes. Industrial coatings are also required for equipment that may be exposed to water in certain conditions.
It helps ensure the longevity of a constructed installation and low maintenance costs.
Distinct industrial coatings have different chemical and physical features corrosion resistance, UV performance, and so on. No single coating can provide all of the protection a building requires. That’s why assets are coated with one or more coating types to create a total protective coating system or a system that provides all of the chemical, physical, and galvanic protection needed to keep the substrate safe from its surroundings.

Understanding the most prevalent generic coating types and how they interact to produce a whole protective coating system allows designers and owners to select the system that is most suited to their current service location.

Industrial painting involves experience, knowledge, and unique equipment that makes the job easier and more lasting than residential painting. However, finding the proper industrial painting contractor isn’t always straightforward, but Gonzalez Quality Painting can ensure that your demands and requirements are met at all times.

These are a few coating types that are used in Industrial Painting



Poly siloxanes

Organic and inorganic zinc-rich

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages that our employees can explain to you to help choose the correct coating type.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail will ensure we get the job done right the first time.
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