Exterior House Painting

The process of painting the outside of a structure to improve its beauty, cost, and durability is known as exterior painting.

Exterior painting is exposed to a variety of weather conditions regularly, therefore the paint must protect against moisture from rain and snow, as well as UV radiation from the sun. It must also guard against fungal growth. These paints have been designed to resist fading and mildew.

Our professionals at Gonzalez Quality Painting will make certain to detect any locations where the exterior of your structure has been weakened, such as water damage, dry or wet rot, or any other concerns that would make our repainting process difficult.

The resins and additives used in exterior and interior painting paints are different. While interior paint resins are hard, they allow interior paints to 

be cleanable and stain resistant, but exterior paint resins are designed to withstand and endure adverse weather conditions.

Repainting or obtaining a fresh coat of paint on your building’s exterior is essential for adding a touch of class and curb appeal. Nobody wants a house or business with peeling paint or no paint at all.

Gonzalez Quality Painting is the place to go for high-quality work if you come home one day and feel like your house needs something fresh and new, and the same goes for a business owner. Selling your business might start with its appearance; I, for one, would question whether the individual I’m dealing with is capable of doing business with me if they couldn’t keep their office looking fresh, new, and professional. The colors are fantastic! If you’re unsure, we can assist you in determining what will best bring out your true desires.

Painting jobs, both interior, and exterior, can provide a significant return on investment for people wanting to sell their homes. Painting both the interior and exterior of a building or home can raise earnings by $4,000 or more. That’s a 107 percent return on investment for interior painting and a 55 percent return on investment for exterior painting.

So why not get a painting job done as part of your investment? I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

It’s as simple as that: Gonzalez Quality Painting will ensure the best paint job for your outside demands. Not to mention the peace of mind that a fresh coat of paint can provide to your home or business, so choose Gonzalez Quality Painting for your next project! You will not be sorry for your choice.

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